Saturday, October 31, 2009

Source Code: Jason - Part 2

Jason took a deep breath and regained his composure. The missing icons on his toolbar, the strange e-mail he received the night before warning something was afoot, it was all coming together now. But who could have sent it ? And why would they want to warn him? Was it a ruse to help ferret him out of his web hole? All these questions needed answers, but right now Jason had more immediate concerns. His cock was throbbing furiously and it was pointed right at his monitor, like a Polaris missile primed for launch.
He desperately wanted to come with his favorite lady of late, Cindy. All along, Cindy thought she was banging her boyfriend Don, while Jason was really the one enjoying her tele- caresses and broadband moans. Don, a Geologist on a long assignment overseas for BP wasn’t any the wiser, so Jason thought. One thing was for sure, Jason couldn’t think clearly in his current state, and he didn’t want to make a rash decision when everything was on the line. He decided to go manual and with a few swift strokes relieved the pressure that had been building between his legs. After a few minutes, the old Jason returned. The cool, confident, calculating one. Not the panicky freaked out one that only recently emerged. His reassessment of the situation suggested that things might not be as bad as he thought. After all, he was the original master hacker and it would only be a matter of time till he figured out a way to cover his tracks. He began to doze and realized he needed to forego any action till morning. In sleep mode his computer was safe. Everything was frozen, suspended in a deep memory bank somewhere. Only Jason could access it. It was just a temporary solution, but it would buy him some time. A solid night’s sleep always recharged his batteries and he was in need of a good crash.
The ring tones Jason downloaded to his cell phone were like Nine Inch Nails’ old stuff, and the volume had been left on high. It succeeded in waking him. His boss was on the line and was he ever pissed. Being consumed by his current conundrum, Jason forgot all about covering for a co-worker’s vacation. He was ordered to " get your lazy ass down here lickety split or get canned". Jason chose option A. It was a lame job, but one he needed nonetheless. Being an Internet stud as he was (at least in his own mind) had become an expensive proposition. The sensors, the software, the whole shebang was adding up to a tidy little sum and he couldn’t afford to tell his boss to fuck off just yet. He mumbled the obligatory apologies and promised to be on his way. Throwing his jeans on, he tapped his mouse to see where he was at. While his pride and glory rebooted, Jason found a shirt and managed to brush his teeth. He re-entered the room with anticipation. Glancing at the screen quickly he could see that nothing appeared to have changed overnight. He stepped closer for a better look and after a few moments determined that he’d be better off leaving things alone. The sleep mode strategy worked last night, why shouldn’t it work again? He put his machine back to bed and scurried off to work like the loyal employee he wasn’t. At the store , the usual bullshit was ensuing. Some bitch was complaining about a bad color mix while an old fart was trying to buy drywall tape for his son’s contracting business. Such was his lot in life, but he really didn’t give a shit anymore. As long as he could get his rocks off at night, he didn’t care about the rest of the world. He put in his eight and punched out. Not getting lunch, he stopped at a local grease pit for a burger and fries. Nothing unusual, or so it seemed, until Jason noticed this fine chick across the lot checking him out. He approached her but she didn’t stick around long enough to say hello. Damn ! It was a long time since any woman had given Jason the eye, even if it was a mystery gal. Things were definitely getting weird he thought, especially with this latest encounter. He couldn’t chalk all this up to coincidence, he didn’t believe in that kind of stuff anyway. This was Jason, the poster boy for the new generation of cyber pervert who had created an entire virtual domain to fulfill his sexual fantasies. And now, someone was trying to look into that private little world of his. He had to find out who,and quickly. Rushing home to see if the sleep mode was still working, he clicked his PC to life.His luck was holding, and it was still frozen in it’s exact state after discovering the missing toolbar icons. Now time was on his side. He had the night ahead of him to think of a solution, and all the next day if needed. Tomorrow was Sunday,and the store was closed.

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