Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection

No, I don't mean Lexus. Although  that's what probably  first pops into your mind. I'm talking about my dog , Rose. She's a Brittany Spaniel/Australian Cattle Dog mix that is to die for. The sweetest and smartest dog I have ever known. Sorry, Jackson. I just let her out in the yard after dinner and she still made a b-line for the tree in the corner. Why? Because that's where the black squirrel was. Perched a good twenty feet above on the limb of a Pine tree, it taunted Rose with its relentless squawks and noise as it has for the last two years. But to no avail, Rose came up short again. You see, Rose is part hunting dog and part herding dog. And even with her keen nose and incredible speed, she has yet to nail the elusive black squirrel. But I don't think she'll give up anytime soon. That would be untypical of Rose. So, in the spirit of Rose and others who relentlessly pursue their dreams, here's to you! And happy hunting.